Performance by Eirini Roumpi (2018)

A ritual is a sequence of activities involving gestures, words and objects, characterized by formalism, traditionalism, symbolism and performance, mainly with a spiritual purpose. Keeping in mind the activities of ritual, I decided to create an artistic performance dealing with the acceptance of being and its emotional results, in particular the relation between existence and knowledge. Specifically, I tried to research whether people who are not concerned with existence, are more calm and prosperous, than those who question the nature and the character of their reality. In order to achieve that, I directed a circle-schemed activity, comprehended three stages (peacefulness- anger- tranquility). These stages reflect the triptych of unawareness, doubt and acceptance. The activity itself is the cleansing of a black painted glass that is placed before my face covering it. By cleaning the glass, calmly at first and more intensely afterwards, based on the three stages, the face is unveiling progressively, revealing also its true self, trying to reach awareness/consciousness. The whispering and the repetitive movements, almost obsessive, of the cleaning procedure, underline the ritualistic character and can also remind us the “ritual of cleaning” in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).